HD Glare Free Drive
HD Glare Free Drive
HD Glare Free Drive
HD Glare Free Drive
HD Glare Free Drive
HD Glare Free Drive

HD Glare Free Drive

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Always had a problem while driving due to the sun or external lights? Well now you can block that sun and stop the dangerous glare with the all new HD Glare Free Drive with HD vision. This amazing and convenient, flip-down car sun blocker ends harmful glares to make you drive safely. This day and night visor is very easy to use. You can simply attach the HD Glare Free Drive into any visor and it is ready to use. It stays securely in place without any problem. You require no tools or confusing assembly. It just takes a quick snap and instantly you’ve blocked the sun and the disturbing glares.

HD Glare Free Drive cuts down Glare, Brightens Vision, Enhances Colour, Clarity And Contrast. HD Glare Free Drive is forged from clear polycarbonate which is specially tinted to diffuse strong sunlight and glare, and reduce headlight glare at night. It is Easy to install and Requires no special tools or batteries. It works on any Car, Truck, Bus, and Caravan. Reduces Blinding Glare from the Sun during the day to provide clear vision and Cuts Harsh Headlight Glare at Night,  Enhances Colours, Clarity And Contrast upto 100%. That awful sun glare or high beam lights on the road is a thing of the past. It is suitable for all conditions, night or day, sun light or headlights of oncoming traffic, fog or snow fall, HD Glare Free Drive will ensure you have the best possible view of the road ahead, so that you can always feel safe while driving.

Features & benefits:

  1. Reduces Sun and Headlight Glares.
  2. Improves Visibility
  3. Suitable for Day as well as night time driving.
  4. Clips onto any car visor, universal fit any car.
  5. Just takes a quick snap to block the disturbing Sun or headlight glares.
  6. No complicated installation.
  7. Flips out of sight when not in use.
  8. No blind spots.
  9. Improves driver visibility in all weather conditions.
  10. Makes your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.
  11. Can be used on driver & passenger sides.